More and more people are turning to botox and filler to enhance features, get rid of wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. Even though the practice is becoming more widely used than ever before, there is still a taboo that surrounds enhancing your features through botox or filler. At Lucere dermatology, we recently had the opportunity to work with Trisha Vergo, one of the final contestants on the Bachelor Season 2. We talked to her about her opinion on botox, filler, her past experience with injectors, and the process altogether. Here’s what she had to say:

When’s the first time you had botox and filler?
Two years ago, it was for the Bachelor.

Do you think that there is still a taboo that surrounds botox and filler?
I feel like, for a lot of people, when I tell them I get these procedures they’ll be like: “Why? You don’t need that.” But botox prevents wrinkles, like why wouldn’t you want that? You need to experience it yourself too, or else it could appear scary.

What was your first experience like?
It was awhile ago, I think I had too much lip filler done. It was shocking for me because I looked ridiculous but once the swelling went down I was like: “OK I could work with this.” The botox changed my life. For how affordable it is and how much it changes your face, I think botox is amazing.

How does the cosmetic procedure you had at Lucere dermatology compare to the first time you ever had it?
Dr. Taher does such a good job; he is very encouraging. I usually get nervous, but this time I wasn’t. I also never had a consult before; I’ve just had it done. So with Dr. Taher, I came in and we talked and talked, I spoke with the nurse 3 times, and then I came in and we still had a consult before I had my procedure done. I think that’s why I wasn’t nervous because I knew what was going to happen.

How was your experience this time with Filler?
Like I mentioned before, I only had my lips done with filler and I feel like my lips look a lot more natural this time. They were kind of ducky before. I noticed Dr. Taher did mine with a pout, and the Doctor before made my lips have a roll. I feel like I don’t have that this time; it looks way better.

What would you say to someone who was considering getting botox or filler?
After having a consult, I super enjoyed that I didn’t feel any pressure. It was just going to talk and I would say that would be such a good place to start. So having that initial consult gives you no pressure, and is such a good idea, and you’ll probably end up getting it and loving it anyway.

How did you hear about Lucere dermatology?


I just moved to the South side of Edmonton and I was like: “What is that place it looks amazing?” And then I Googled it.

How was your experience overall at Lucere dermatology
There was a lot of freezing, but I kept smiling because it looks so amazing; I am actually in awe of his work. I didn’t think that it would be this good. I seriously feel like I slept for 2 weeks straight in an oxygen tank that hydrated my skin.

This is the nicest place that I’ve ever been to. The concierge has a candy bar, like for real it’s great. The staff that I’ve dealt with, they are so friggin nice. And my work schedule is usually so bad and the employees here were so patient with me and accommodating with me.

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