Suffering from acne is not an isolated or uncommon trouble, the issue is finding a way to treat the issue. Acne affects people regardless of age skin type or gender. Isolaz is a acne treatment therapy that is used to help fight the causes of acne through cleansing of pores both internally and externally by removing blackheads, oils, and other debris. It helps you achieve deep pore cleansing so that your pore size appearance is reduced and the skin texture is improved giving you replenished skin.

At Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinic, we offer Isolaz, a deep pore cleansing treatment to help you reduce the signs and effects of acne on your skin. We know that maintaining a clear complexion is difficult, especially in a harsh Northern Alberta climate, but we can aid in the process with this revolutionary laser. Come in to erase blemishes and return your skin to a healthy glow.

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