Scarring can take many forms, most commonly with residual dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and pitted texture problems.

We are here to tell you our secret for improving the appearance of scarring:

Fraxel combined with CO2 laser 

Fraxel is a non-ablative laser safe for all skin types

The laser is on a roller system that safely emits heat to the deep layers of the dermis.

This is turn stimulates collagen and resurfaces the top layer of the skin.

There are two different wavelengths that can be combined to target deep scarring, and surface hyperpigmentation.

Now, CO2 safely removes the outer layers of the damaged skin resulting in an immediately smoother skin appearance. Instant gratification at its finest.

This laser is extremely precise, allowing for different shapes to be applied to the scarring.

All of the settings are expertly customized by Dr. Taher according to your skin type and specific concerns.

Depending on the severity of your scarring you may require between two and three treatments.

Prior to the treatment, topical numbing is applied for an hour to ensure a comfortable treatment and, during that time, we offer a complimentary pedicure!

The difference after just one treatment is something you will not see with any other laser procedure. So, if you are struggling with scarring and are looking for a permanent solution, this is the treatment for you!

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