Botox is one of the most anticipated procedures, with patients often wondering what the right time is for them to start getting treatment. The answer however, is not as definite. One thing’s for certain: you need to be at least 18 years old. Other than that, it’s up to the patient to decide what’s best for them, and many factors come into play.

  • Preventative Botox:
    Some people are at risk of developing vertical lines in the center of their forehead. One can often tell if they’re bound to develop these lines due to genetics, or if they squint a lot. Getting Botox relaxes the muscle that triggers these expression lines, and reduces their development. Situations differ patient to patient, but preventative Botox can start as early as 25. The sooner you get treatment, the higher chance you have of preventing wrinkles and lines from appearing on your face.
  • Forehead Lines:
    Forehead lines are a sign that patients wait for to determine when they should get botox. With age and stress, creases begin to appear on one’s forehead. These creases remain visible even when you’re relaxed (not squinting, laughing, frowning) and can become apparent in your mid 20s or 30s. Once people start to see them, some take is as a sign that it’s time to get Botox treatment.
  • Skin Color & Sun Damage:
    Getting Botox is a decision that depends on the situation and the patient’s preference. Skin color or the presence of sun damage affects this decision. Patients with fairer skin who have spent a lot of time in the sun may require Botox at a younger age – starting in their mid 30s. In other cases, people with darker skin may not need treatment for several more years.

There are a variety of factors including genetics, sun damage, skin color & pigmentation, and a desire to prevent lines and wrinkles that affect one’s decision on when to get Botox. There’s no magic age, but following your own personal preferences and instinct will eventually lead you to the right decision.

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